Who We Are

Voltage General Trading LLC has spent many years developing strategic partnerships with manufacturers, suppliers and developers of world class technological companies’ mainly working on electronics, Network, Electro-mechanical exporting companies. This allows us to provide our clients with the most appropriate turnkey solution, incorporating technology choice, equipment supply, software and services.

Throughout its short history, Voltage General Trading LLC has successfully managed different projects. Commitment to quality has made Voltage General Trading LLC strongly appear in these days Electronics, Network, Electro-mechanical works and skill base that is borne of experience on the field.



With the highest of ethical standards and pure dedication to excellence in all operational aspects, we aspires to exceed our customers’ expectations and hence becoming the leading Supplier of ICT and Electronic materials and related services in the Middle East and East African Countries.


  • Based on customer demands, Voltage is dedicated to supply products that are a model of excellence, environmentally safe, energy efficient & economically viable.
  • Despite an increasingly competitive business environment, we vow to add value that will deliver true satisfaction to customers.
  • Adaptable to new technologies & take initiatives to be the leader in introducing them to our society.
  • We strive towards the improvement of our staff through continuous skill development program.

Core Values

  • Hard Work and Productivity
  • a culture of safety and safe work practices
  • genuinely client focused and continually seeking improvements in our products.
  • determined to succeed and draw inspiration from challenges
  • provision of value adding solutions
  • Hard Work With Dedication, Passion, Respect, Commitment and Honesty


  • Render products and services which are not only safe, reliable, and user-friendly but fit seamlessly into existing systems optimized to meet customer requirements.
  • Act as a center of excellence for the filed the company working and core competency areas and provide them hands-on-skill.
  • Develop new high quality products and services for different system productions based on the most sophisticated technologies available.

We Build our products to Represent our Values

Our company aims to grow profitably and it has a clear strategy to achieve this.

1. Acquisitions and strategic partnerships: In order to build on its strong position, Voltage is expanding through appropriate acquisitions and strategic partnerships. This helps Voltage remain close to customers in all the different markets, and ensures it can continue to provide them with first-class products and services.

2. Operational efficiency: Voltage constantly optimizes its structures and processes in order to improve its efficiency, speed and costs. All of these gains are passed on to our customers in the form of faster product provision and competitive services.

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Voltage General Trading LLC

Voltage General Trading LLC supplies world class technology products & services mainly electronics, Network,  Electro-mechanical, power, energy, ICT  and Telecom equipment supply, software and services.