Network Equipment

Network Equipment

At voltage, we supply quality network equipment for small business and enterprises. computer network connects together all your computers, plus other peripheral equipment like printers.

To build a computer network you will need a range of physical equipment including the following pieces of network hardware:

  • Cables and connectors. These link together the computers, printers, servers and other equipment on your network.
  • A router or switch. This manages network traffic, ensuring devices can communicate with each other.
  • A wireless access point. This allows people to connect to the network wirelessly.
  • An internet connection. This could be a simple broadband connection over a telephone line or a faster fibre connection.
  • A hardware firewall. This creates a secure barrier between your network and the internet, blocking security threats.Networks also often include a network server which runs central applications, acts as an IT hub and provides file storage.

We've all these and others that fit your needs.


23 January 2015


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